DEFINITY has proprietary technology that dynamically splits ADD power and design on both sides of the lens

This customized split is determined based on each patient's Rx and frame choice

As you know, a patient's required addition changes quickly over time

  • Addition can change from a 1.00 ADD to a 2.50 ADD in as little as 10 years
    • Patients often need new lenses to which they have to readapt
    • And, there is always an increased risk when moving a patient to a new design

With DEFINITY, you'll never have to worry when patients put on their new glasses for the first time. DEFINITY works at the first fitting and continues to work as a patients presbyopia progresses.

A 100% DualOptixTM Digital Family of Products

DEFINITY progressive lenses—the right product for your patients

Keep your patients satisfied as presbyopia progresses, with quite possibly the only PAL they’ll ever need

  • 35% less unwanted astigmatism vs competing PALs
  • Outperforms the competition, especially at high ADD powers
  • 4 out of 5 patients adapt immediately
  • Easy to order

DEFINITY Lenses With Proprietary DUAL ADD® Technology

DEFINITY splits a prescription across both sides of the lens,
minimizing distortion

All progressive lenses have some distortion (represented by the shaded areas in the diagram above), but with DEFINITY, the amount of distortion is dramatically less.

Ground View AdvantageTM

Only DEFINITY has the Ground View Advantage™—an additional zone of vision at the bottom and sides of the lenses, which allows patients to clearly see what is at their feet