DEFINITY 3 and DEFINITY 3PLUS use new patented technology to individually tailor the lenses to prescription and frame choice. This design improvement results in:

  1. 35% less unwanted distortion versus competing PALs; 15% less than standard DEFINITY lenses
  2. 4 out of 5 patients adapt immediately before leaving the office
  3. Better performance versus competing progressive lenses, especially for patients requiring a higher prescription
  4. Improved performance in all visual zones versus standard DEFINITY lenses:
Improved Performance in All Visual Zones
  • 10% softer design at distance, meaning a smoother transition between intermediate and distance zone
  • 12% wider intermediate zone; preferred by 72% of wearers over standard DEFINITY lenses
  • 20% wider near zone; preferred by 77% of wearers over standard DEFINITY lenses